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A New Landmark Building for Coolum Beach Christian College

Set on its very own tropical hillside, Coolum Beach Christian College makes the most of its scenic surroundings, brimming with lush outdoor spaces, fishponds, and playgrounds.

We have been busy developing a design that accommodates a large Multipurpose Hall perched on the side of a steep, rocky incline, and providing a fresh new face to the nearby main road.

While the chosen site has its difficulties, including challenging access and relatively high excavation and retaining costs, it presents many exciting site-specific opportunities, too.

It is in prime position for putting the school’s high-quality facilities and picturesque surroundings on show by addressing the busy street frontage, and for providing its occupants with sweeping views of the College and tropical surroundings. Its chosen location will also mark the first stage in an expanded, dedicated Secondary School precinct, bringing in-ground services and vehicular access to a currently undeveloped area.

Adjacent to the existing sporting field, the new building will house amenities and change rooms, HPE equipment storage, and covered sports, fitness and social areas, with direct access to new car parking, and setdown areas.

The unique site conditions also mean that the Hall, suspended above a new undercroft area, will provide a shaded, terraced area for spectators, students, and staff to congregate and enjoy Coolum’s beautiful weather.

Coolum Beach Christian College is a K-12 independent coeducational school located in Coolum Beach, Queensland with a focus on teaching holistic values that build compassionate and informed citizens.

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