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A "Pedestrian Street" Promoting Engagement & Putting Learning on Show

St James Lutheran College’s desire to bolster their connections with the local community led to a design that presents a fresh, friendly face to their main street frontage. The Master Plan intentionally located community spaces (including a Multipurpose Hall and Tuckshop Café) alongside the entrance to attract parents and visitors into the campus, encouraging interactions between students, staff, parents and visitors.

The creation of a distinct “front door” to the campus allows first time visitors to find their way around, while also centralising pedestrian traffic in a vibrant, active location, putting the College’s welcoming culture on show.

Flowing on from the school’s “front door,” buildings are clustered around a new “pedestrian street” which offers glimpses into dynamic learning spaces, including flexible, contemporary classrooms, Hospitality, Performing Arts, Reception and Student Services, and direct access to key members of staff.

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