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Celebrating Liam's 1st Year at Novum!

Recently we celebrated Liam’s 1st year anniversary at Novum!

According to Liam, his favourite part about Novum is the culture. The firm's dedication to staff well-being and happiness makes it a pleasant place to work and develop both personally and professionally. He enjoys being surrounded by like-minded individuals of different backgrounds, personalities, and values, all of whom are working hard toward goals, with an open-minded and collaborative mindset.

Liam’s personal highlight over the past year has been finishing his master’s degree and stepping into the world of full-time work. Whilst he is glad his university education is now complete; along with equipping me with technical and critical thinking skills, it has given him a thirst for continued learning and growth which he is enjoying exploring.

Assisting our project leaders in delivering the Ohana project has been Liam’s most fulfilling and engaging work to date. Seeing the impacts of decisions we make and how they can benefit and assist in our client's needs is very satisfying. This is especially evident in the Ohana projects, where we were required to act with sensitivity and compassion to the end users.

Liam’s projects since working with us have included St James Lutheran College’s new Hall, Coolum Beach Christian College’s new Secondary School precinct, as well as projects for Ohana College and Riverside Christian College.

We are grateful to Liam for all his hard work and achievements while working with us, and we are excited to see his continued growth here at Novum!

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