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Celebrating Peter E’s Fifth Year at Novum!

Happy Fifth Anniversary to Peter Edwards! Architect and studio tea connoisseur, Peter has been a central pillar of our team since the early days. His unwavering organisation skills, and proactive approach have propelled Novum towards success. Peter's commitment to our systems and processes has been instrumental in shaping our projects and delivering outstanding results.

Peter’s key strengths are his deep care for our clients and his meticulous attention to detail. This level of care ensures that every step of the way is spotlessly executed. He has a natural ability to stay organised and proactive, ensuring that projects are well-managed. Peter’s collaborative nature and willingness to go above and beyond have contributed to our team’s “can-do” attitude. His clear communication skills and strong clarity of vision have proven to be instrumental in translating our clients' dreams into reality.

As a team we recently converged on GOMA Restaurant to celebrate Peter and his achievements over the last five years. Please join us in congratulating Peter on this exceptional milestone and thanking him for his valuable contributions to our team!

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