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Expanding a Trade Training School’s Offerings as Part of our Master Planning Process

The below images have been included to illustrate the exploration of ideas during our Master Planning process and do not necessarily reflect the school’s final Master Plan. For this reason, we have intentionally removed annotations that would identify the subject school.

Novum has been working with a Trade Training School in Queensland to develop a Master Plan as they expand their trade training offerings and respond to growing demand for skilled tradespeople throughout North Queensland.

The Master Planning process has involved several consultations with teaching and leadership staff to understand the school’s unique educational offering and operational requirements.

The existing campus features impressive trade training workshops and various general learning areas, and the school’s vision includes the addition of new workshop spaces so that each is industry-specific and better emulates real work working environments. Ultimately the school will have three separate workshops focused on Automotive, Electrical and Construction (including Plumbing) trades.

Pedestrian wayfinding and safety have been key considerations throughout the Master Planning process, tackling challenging interfaces between “front of house” student areas, and “back of house” vehicular access and loading and storage of materials.

Detailed consultation with staff continues to develop strategies to maintain safety and supervision while reflecting real-world workplaces and promoting efficiency.

In an effort to diversify their trade training offerings, the school is exploring an option to provide Health Industry training and this year will commence Hospitality training.

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