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Improving a School's Street Appeal & Unlocking Under-Utilised Site Area through Master Planning

The below images have been included to illustrate the exploration of ideas during our Master Planning process and do not necessarily reflect the school’s final Master Plan. For this reason, we have intentionally removed annotations that would identify the subject school.

Over the last few years we have teamed up with this regional Christian school to develop a new 10 year Master Plan.

While much of the existing building stock is well situated and well maintained, several opportunities to improve the campus’ visibility from surrounding streets and to take advantage of under-utilised pockets of the site were considered.

The school’s desire to replace ageing, low density primary school learning areas with flexible, collaborative, and contemporary learning areas, and to seamlessly connect indoor and outdoor learning and play areas has also provided an opportunity to modernise the College’s streetscape with a new 2-storey learning precinct. The new building form will take advantage of the sweeping views to the south, while also unlocking site area for open play and covered outdoor learning areas (which also double as circulation area) to the north.

Elsewhere on the site, new Middle and Secondary School specialist learning areas and facilities will better support existing subject areas, and allow the school to expand into new subject areas, providing skills for existing and emerging industries in the region.

While there are many new buildings and facilities proposed in the plan, the school also wishes to retain, refurbish and re-use existing buildings across the campus. The re-imagining of existing buildings is often a more cost effective and ecologically sustainable option, and acknowledges the school’s proud history of Christian education and a strong sense of community.

New covered courts will allow an existing HPE Hall to be re-imagined as an Auditorium and Performing Arts space – a much needed facility on a campus with few spaces for large gatherings or events.

We are delighted to be working with the school to develop Concept Designs for several of the high priority stages earmarked in the Master Plan, with the first stage due to commence construction later in 2022.

Future Plan

Existing Plan

Future Plan

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