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Learnings from our Students: Megan Duffy

This month we're celebrating our Architectural Students, and their recent experiences and learnings with us here at Novum

Today we're hearing from Megan Duffy about her experience working on our Rivermount College projects

I have happily worked with Novum for 18 months, whilst studying Architecture at QUT. Working in a real practice has been the most valuable experience I could have hoped for to cement the knowledge gained at university in a practical setting.

In my time with Novum, I have worked on numerous projects including refurbishments, new builds, and everything in-between, focusing largely on documentation and visualisation. I love the variety of tasks I can be involved in, and that my ideas and suggestions are heard and respected.

Rivermount College is one such project that I have had an established relationship with. It is a project I have worked on since its conceptual stage right through to construction. It has been especially satisfying bringing the project to life virtually, using Enscape. The project was a “guinea pig” for the Enscape software at Novum, and though it was a learning curve at first, the project has become well-developed and stunning overtime, bringing a heightened sense of realism to the clients that is difficult to achieve in other visualisation formats.

Alongside Enscape, I have learnt better ways of communicating, both through drawings, diagrams and to my colleagues, as well as problem solving and how to meet the needs of clients. Every challenge I have faced has been a valuable lesson and empowered me to test boundaries and question myself in the pursuit of great design.

Megan Duffy

Architectural Student

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