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NEW PROJECT: Genesis Christian College’s New Learning Village

We are thrilled to have been selected as Genesis Christian College’s architects for a landmark project: a new Student Services centre and an expansion of their brand new “Learning Village.”

The new Learning Village precinct will encompass a nature play space carefully designed to cater to Prep and Lower Primary students to encourage wonder, discovery, and inquiry.

As part of our broader Master Planning discussions with the College, an opportunity to increase building density and free up precious outdoor space was identified. Since then, the College has adopted a philosophy to replace existing one storey building stock with two or three storey buildings over time and where appropriate.

In order for every learning space to have direct access to the outdoor play space, an embankment featuring grass, planting, play equipment and slides will connect the upper floor to the central open space in a way that encourages imaginative play and play-based learning, and creates a more dynamic, connected and visually appealing community of learners.

Situated in a prominent location at the entrance to the campus, and forming a “crossroads” between the public areas and Primary, Middle and Secondary School precincts, the building also draws together several culturally and operationally important spaces including Student Services, Counsellors, Future Pathways (Careers), First Aid, and a Senior Study Lounge.

This clustering of spaces is a deliberate, physical outworking of the school’s ethos which focuses on more than just academic outcomes by fostering an authentic sense of community, and spiritual, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

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