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PROJECT UPDATE: Bayside Christian College Senior Innovation Hub

We have very much enjoyed working with the Bayside Christian College community to develop initial concepts for their Master Plan and first stages of building work, including their new Senior Innovation Hub.

Our team, together with the Bayside community, embarked on this journey with a clear vision: to create a dynamic and versatile learning environment that nurtures the holistic growth of secondary level students. The goal was to go beyond traditional classroom setups and create a hub where different disciplines intersect, encouraging cross-pollination of ideas and fostering a sense of curiosity and exploration.

We wanted to break down the barriers between disciplines, so the design emphasises interconnectedness through an open layout with purpose-designed specialist areas adjoining more general, communal, and collaborative spaces.

The new Innovation Hub’s interdisciplinary approach is intended to spark innovative projects that bridge the gap between subjects. The flexible nature of the hub will empower educators to experiment with teaching methodologies, fostering more personalised learning experiences for students. The amphitheatre is poised to become a hub of inspiration, hosting guest and student speakers from diverse fields and perspectives, igniting passions, encouraging collaboration, and broadening horizons.

The campus is blessed with several character buildings and a beautiful natural environment, particularly in the Junior School, but the challenge they put to us was to develop a similarly characterful and beautiful precinct for the Senior School, offering contemporary, world-class facilities and a progressive pedagogical approach.

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