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PROJECT UPDATE: Design Develops for Rivermount’s New Administration Building

Our team has been busy leading the design and documentation process for Rivermount College’s new Administration Building redevelopment. Novum has been partnering with Rivermount for the past four years and the Administration Building will be our eighth project working together, due for completion in 2023!

Exciting milestones lay ahead for Rivermount College as they celebrate their 30th year in 2022, and will soon begin redevelopment and expansion of one of their original buildings to become a contemporary, inclusive and welcoming Administration centre for students, parents, visitors and staff.

The front façade and Main Reception entrance will be getting a significant upgrade, improving access to the building with a new awning roof, stairs, ramp and landscaping. The works will sit proud of the existing building, complimenting the existing architecture while also giving it a fresh, new, contemporary look.

The curved parapet signage is a nod to the College’s other significant buildings, including The Hank Young Library, and the recently completed, Novum-designed Neville Bonner Centre.

Works to the Administration Building will involve the reconfiguration of the school’s existing Reception, administrative staff work areas and offices to promote better access to key staff members and better reflect the College’s contemporary, inclusive and collaborative culture.

A large number of meeting, training and interview rooms are planned, allowing for a wide range of collaborative work and meetings between students, parents, and staff.

Staff work areas have been designed to remain flexible as the school grows and as their operational and staffing needs evolve over time.

The “friendliness” and “approachability” of the building to various end-users, including students and parents, has been a key consideration, and coupled with the school’s unique operational requirements, a layout incorporating three distinct reception spaces has been developed.

The Main Reception interfaces primarily with visitors to the College, and has direct access to other key areas of the building for simple, clear wayfinding and staffing efficiencies.

A new Secondary Reception will provide students access to key teaching and leadership staff, as well as welfare, support and counselling staff.

The Primary School will also gain a new dedicated Reception area, encouraging access by parents to the Head of Primary School and other key leadership staff.

Design and documentation is due to wrap up later this year, with construction due for completion in 2023.

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