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PROJECT UPDATE: Designing Contemporary, Flexible Learning Areas for Riverside Junior College

Working with teachers, and the school’s leadership and property teams, Novum has been busy developing design concepts that will provide teachers and students the physical spaces and flexibility to learn, collaborate, gather, and play in a variety of different ways.

Moving from traditional building stock to an innovative, purpose-built Junior College precinct has allowed the school to rethink how new spaces might best support their progressive, contemporary pedagogical approach.

Positioned to take advantage of a leafy outlook and cross-ventilation, the building will provide each learning space with ample natural light connection to outdoor spaces.

Outdoor learning is commonplace at Riverside, so the College has opted to provide ample outdoor learning opportunities rather than relying solely on internal spaces.

Small glass breakout pods and quiet nooks will afford teachers and learners the flexibility to withdraw from larger spaces for respite and support as needed, and retractable glass doors between classrooms will allow team teaching and collaboration across classes and year levels.

The building has also been designed to modernise the College’s main street frontage and Junior College entrance, and takes into consideration future plans to upgrade car parking, setdown and pedestrian access across the precinct.

Construction will be undertaken in stages to allow gradual decanting and relocating of learning spaces to achieve safe and economic building conditions. Stage 1 is due for completion in 2023.

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