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PROJECT UPDATE: Riverside Christian College Performing Arts Auditorium

The Riverside Christian College community will soon immerse themselves in the world of creativity and expression in preparation of the Novum-designed adaptive re-use. This adaptive re-use of their existing HPE Centre will become a state-of-the-art Performing Arts venue and we are so excited to showcase some of the building’s design features:

Sustainable Design: Adaptive reuse minimises the environmental impact associated with new construction. By repurposing Riverside’s existing HPE Centre, the design team has been able to reduce the need for raw materials, energy, and waste generation that would typically be required for new construction.

Welcoming Lobby: The existing structure has been re-imagined and reconfigured to provide a beautifully designed lobby, providing a warm and inviting space for attendees to gather, mingle, and appreciate the arts.

Generous Seating: Students, staff and parents alike will enjoy ample, comfortable, tiered seating which has been designed to provide unobstructed views of the new expanded stage area.

Bespoke Acoustics: The College has plans to kit out the Auditorium with an audio system that will provide crystal-clear sound that enhances every performance, from speeches, symphonies, choirs, to theatrical performances. The Auditorium’s interior design has carefully incorporated acoustic linings that will play a crucial role in optimising the sound quality by absorbing excessive reverberation, echoes, and unwanted reflections, thereby improving speech intelligibility and music clarity.

Versatile Stage Setup: The stage has been reconfigured and expanded to cater to a wide range of performances and events and will feature back and side-stage areas for ultimate flexibility and functionality.

Spacious Backstage Area: The school’s performers will appreciate the ample space backstage, complete with dressing rooms, storage, and rehearsal areas to support their creativity and preparation for the stage.

Accessibility Features: We've designed the auditorium to be inclusive, with features like wheelchair accessibility, hearing assistance systems, and designated seating for individuals with disabilities.

Contemporary Amenities: The school’s existing amenities will be replaced by brand new toilet facilities that have been designed to allow better supervision by staff, making it easier to monitor student behaviour. While also providing stalls with full-height doors and partitions ensures greater privacy for students, making them feel more comfortable and secure while using the facilities. Upgraded toilets with a welcoming and aesthetically pleasing design can contribute to reducing stress and anxiety among students, creating a positive impact on their overall mental health.

We look forward to delivering this project in partnership with the College in the near future!

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