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Rivermount College’s Interconnectable Learning Spaces Provide Ultimate Flexibility

Rivermount College’s existing buildings, clustered along a natural ridgeline, have been situated to maximise central green spaces. Novum’s involvement has been to strengthen an already beautiful and well laid-out campus, providing much needed social and learning nodes for the senior and middle schools.

The new Senior Hub supports contemporary learning by providing interconnectable learning spaces that give students and teachers ultimate flexibility. Using glass operable walls, learning spaces can be expanded, sub-divided, or opened up to connect to the outdoors.

“Fishbowl” style glass rooms put Rivermount’s progressive pedagogy on display and provide opportunities for collaboration and community-building activities. The school’s desire to host lunchtime and after-hours community events will showcase learning, performances, student work, culture and the College’s rich history.

The Senior Hub’s soaring roofline, high ceilings, and expanses of glass provide naturally lit, unencumbered spaces for flexible and collaborative learning suitable for Rivermount’s Secondary students. Acoustic treatments to the ceilings and walls, and glazed operable walls, will also allow the College to comfortably sub-divide learning areas with minimal distraction.

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