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Tec-NQ: A Secondary School & Registered Training Organisation All in One

Tec-NQ is a rarity in the Australian educational sector: they are a secondary school and a Registered Training Organisation all in one, offering full-time apprentice training, school-based apprentice programs and other trade training to school-aged students.

Novum’s involvement with Tec-NQ was sparked by their desire to redevelop their Boarding Accommodation site in Rosslea. Shortly after a Concept Design was completed, the site was inundated by the 2019 Townsville flooding event, displacing students and staff that called the facility home.

In response, the design was further developed in consultation with the client, engineers and town planners to minimise the impact of future potential flood events, without compromising the home-like atmosphere, or learning and recreational capabilities.

The accommodation will ultimately house 80 students and staff, with an on-site kitchen, laundry, dining, recreational and learning areas.

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