In her signature upbeat and thoughtful style, Laura works on school and church projects from initial client briefings through to completion of construction. She is an accomplished Registered Architect (QLD) with close to a decade’s experience in the industry.

Laura’s educational journey culminated in a Master of Architecture from QUT in 2017. Since then, her professional journey has encompassed a diverse range of building types and scales, including hospitals, healthcare facilities, and noteworthy contributions to the realms of education and church projects.


Laura’s specialisation in Independent School projects, from design through to contract administration, has cultivated her strengths in meticulously considered architectural detailing and documentation. Her effective communication skills, extending to the design team, clients, and consultants, have become a hallmark of her professional approach. Laura’s experience in leading teams of varying sizes on large scale projects has honed her organisational skills, underscored by her extensive to-do lists that guide every aspect of her work and life.


Laura takes pride in her involvement in mind-bendingly complex hospital projects with her previous employer. Her contribution to translating intricate healthcare briefing information into construction documents has led to the creation of bustling and fully functional hospital facilities, serving hundreds of people daily. In her role at Novum, Laura revels in continuing to build on this skillset within the parameters of education projects; she thrives on creating bespoke and exciting design solutions tailored to meet each school’s unique needs.


Colleagues describe Laura as attentive, vibrant, and inspiring, highlighting her positive impact on our collaborative work environment. Laura’s multifaceted skillset, coupled with her enthusiastic and thoughtful approach, positions her as a valued member of the Novum team, leaving an indelible mark on the projects she undertakes.

Laura Tanner