team news
We Have a New Website!

Recently, we introduced our newly redesigned branding and website!


Our new website highlights who we are, our work, and our unique process which has helped our school clients achieve their goals since 2017.


We work exclusively with schools because we are passionate about creating inspiring, supportive, future-focused learning environments, and thriving communities. On our website’s brand-new “Projects” page, you can explore a curated selection of these projects, and on our “Insights” page, you can expect regular project and team news.


To celebrate our new website, 8 weeks ago we embarked on a 10-week journey down memory lane. We hope you continue to follow along as we revisit some of our favourite projects completed since the inception of Novum. From groundbreaking designs to community-driven initiatives, each project holds a special place in our hearts, and we’re eager to share their stories with you.


Stay tuned for regular updates as we continue to highlight the creativity, dedication, and teamwork that have defined our journey so far!