Architects that listen.

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We are Novum.

Our vision is to be Queensland's most loved school architects.

Established in 2017, we are a boutique Architectural Studio who exclusively work with Independent and Catholic Schools in Queensland (as well as a small number of churches) because we are genuinely passionate about delivering inspiring, supportive, future-focused master plans and buildings for thriving school communities.


Developing authentic, long-lasting relationships with Queensland’s school communities, and helping them thrive by co-designing spaces that thoughtfully respond to their unique needs truly is our passion. Over time, our love for designing incredible school master plans and building projects has honed our processes, making it an engaging, streamlined, and highly successful journey for all involved.


Our process begins by developing relationships with our clients and their broader communities. We’re good listeners who genuinely care about the nuanced pedagogies, strategic goals, operational and budget constraints, and unique values that impact and influence each school community. Our goal is to continually deepen our understanding so that our design process is responsive to and respectful of all that makes each school exceptional in its own way.


We firmly believe that we add the most value when we develop long-term, authentic partnerships with schools who are culture-led and passionate about their unique strategic vision and ethos.


We align well with the education sector because we share similar values based around purposeful work that provides learning and growth opportunities to young people while fostering strong communities based on purpose, culture, and shared values.


Our team are not just good architects and designers, they are dynamic communicators who are confident in our collective ability to design better futures but are humble, empathetic, and great listeners throughout the process.


We treat design as a team effort and involve stakeholders and community members throughout the process, listening attentively and drawing out key objectives and priorities. We develop master plans and building designs that are responsive to our clients needs, pushing boundaries when appropriate, but always in response to the school’s strategic goals and financial constraints.


We almost exclusively work with Independent and Catholic schools in Queensland because we are genuinely passionate about delivering inspiring, supportive, future-focused places for learning and thriving communities.


To view some of our key projects completed to date (or currently in progress), view key highlights below or via the ‘View More’ button.

Our Team

Our team are passionate about designing innovative environments and solving complex architectural problems that creative positive cultural change and improve lives.


Based in Brisbane, Queensland, our team of 15+ are diverse in our individual talents and perspectives, yet aligned in our values and vision to partner with purposeful school communities and design better futures.

Our Clients


We do impactful work that helps communities thrive


We set an optimistic and helpful tone


We are openly humble and quietly confident


We are are engaging, concise and articulate


We are known for authenticity and genuine partnerships with our clients


We strive to deeply understand our clients and their communities


We are nimble and challenge prevailing assumptions


We make wise decisions despite ambiguity


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