Toowoomba Grammar School

Design Technologies & Engineering Centre

Toowoomba Grammar’s Design, Technologies, and Engineering Centre will be a dynamic ecosystem that nurtures creativity, collaboration, and innovation. By seamlessly integrating dedicated workshops, cutting-edge labs, collaborative spaces, and breathtaking views showcasing Toowoomba, this new facility will elevate education in design, technologies, and engineering to new heights, preparing students for the challenges and opportunities of the future.

As the winners of a design competition held amongst some of Queensland’s top school architects, we were delighted to be selected by Toowoomba Grammar School to develop our design for their new Design, Technologies, and Engineering Centre!


In the heart of Toowoomba, the new innovative learning precinct will stand as a beacon for aspiring designers, engineers, builders, and professionals, providing a dynamic environment that seamlessly blends state-of-the-art workshops, cutting-edge labs, and versatile learning spaces.


The Centre will boast dedicated workshops for woodwork, metalwork, and engineering equipped with high-quality tools and machinery, creating an atmosphere conducive to hands-on learning and practical skill development.


Various versatile design spaces will encourage ideation, prototyping, and experimentation, fostering a culture of innovation alongside digital technologies labs equipped with the latest software and hardware. Cutting-edge facilities for exploring the realms of 3D printing and robotics are co-located with digital labs and workshops, encouraging students to push the boundaries of technological and design possibilities.

Collaborative and interdisciplinary spaces where students can converge and bring their ideas to life include a makerspace and multiple open, flexible learning spaces that encourage collaboration, cross-disciplinary interactions, and the exchange of ideas have been designed in consultation with Toowoomba Grammar’s teaching staff with an aim to facilitate informal discussions, group projects, and impromptu brainstorming sessions.


The Centre will also include a multifunctional space for events, guest speakers, staff professional development, seminars, and presentations, as well as a Lecture Theatre with panoramic views across Toowoomba.

CLIENT: Toowoomba Grammar School

LOCATION: Toowoomba, Queensland / Jagera, Giabal & Jarowair Country



Project Director: Joel Ridings

Project Leader: Isaac Vincent

Project Team: Peter Boyce & Riley Pownall