Ben is a naturally gifted communicator of complicated architectural ideas and is experienced in leading the design and documentation phases on large, complex school projects. Charismatic and personable, Ben strives to make genuine connections with our clients to ensure they are heard and feel supported through every stage in the process.

Ben is a standout communicator, effortlessly conveying intricate architectural concepts in his charismatic style. His expertise shines through when leading the design and documentation phases of expansive and intricate school projects.


As a Project Delivery Leader, Ben brings a distinctive blend of creativity and strategic problem-solving to the dynamic field of education design. His passion lies in transforming ideas into not just aesthetically pleasing but also innovative and highly functional spaces. Ben thrives on the challenges inherent in orchestrating large and complex architectural projects, seamlessly navigating them from conception to completion.


What sets Ben apart is his dedication to education design that moves beyond just aesthetics. As well as creating visually appealing spaces, he is committed to crafting environments that inspire learning, foster creativity, and adapt to the ever-evolving landscape of educational methodologies. Ben’s deep understanding of the intersection between design and pedagogy drives him to create spaces that facilitate both intellectual and emotional growth.


Currently pursuing his Master’s at the University of Queensland, Ben is on track to becoming a registered Architect in 2026.

Ben Leighton
Project Delivery Leader