Dave has recently completed his studies at QUT and is an incredibly conscientious and hard working individual. Dave is driven to shape lives through creating spaces that are sustainable and accessible, and his humble and generous approach makes him an asset to each of the projects he’s a part of.

A natural born teacher, Dave’s commitment to mentorship is evident in his participation in the Australian Institute of Architects mentorship program before joining our team. At Novum, he regularly dedicates time to facilitate work experience for students, inspiring the next generation of architects.


Reflecting on his journey, Dave expresses gratitude for being a part of numerous life-changing projects at Novum. One project that holds special significance for him is the hospitality building at Rivermount College. Involved from the concept stage through post-occupancy, Dave played a crucial role in building strong relationships with the client and contractor. The enduring collaboration with both parties since the project’s completion speaks to the success and impact of the endeavor, with the contractor even receiving an award for their work. For Dave, the true reward lies in hearing how much the end-users love their new building.


Dave’s introduction to architecture during high school graphics ignited his passion for designing, documenting, and creating models of buildings. Working for Novum during university, he developed a strong passion for school architecture, drawn to the impact and satisfaction it brings.


Dave is genuinely kind, conscientious, empathetic, optimistic, and humble. Grounded in his Christian beliefs, he recognises that his achievements are not solely attributed to his abilities but also to God’s guidance. With these qualities, Dave not only contributes to the success of Novum’s projects but also exemplifies the values of kindness, optimism, and humility in his professional journey.

Dave Mutuc
Architectural Graduate