Our role is not only to generate design concepts, but to hand over beautiful, well-considered, and cost-effective buildings. Jeff has spent over 30 years refining his detailed construction and modelling software knowledge, meticulously bringing our architectural concepts to reality.

Joining Novum in 2017 as one of our founding team members, Jeff brings a wealth of expertise, having spent over 16 years at Bickerton Masters honing his craft. His contribution is characterised by his calm and steady presence in the office, earning him praise from colleagues who describe him as kind, generous, and honest.


Jeff’s commitment to translating design concepts into tangible, high-quality buildings underscores his importance to the team. His extensive experience and meticulous approach contribute to the success of Novum’s projects, ensuring that each handover reflects the beauty, consideration, and cost-effectiveness that defines our architectural philosophy.

Jeffrey Smith
Senior Architectural Technician