Josh is an experienced Architectural Graduate with a technical focus and pragmatic approach to architecture. Josh is passionate about providing functional and inspirational educational designs, and his calm confidence and impressive construction knowledge and detailing skills are an asset to our team.

Josh’s journey into architecture was driven by a personal reflection on his high school experience, realising the impact that improved facilities could have had on his academic journey. This realisation prompted him to explore architecture as a means of contributing to better educational environments for the next generation. Joining Novum was a natural fit for Josh, aligning with his ideals of making a positive impact through thoughtful design.


Josh embodies perseverance, pragmatism, and an easy-going demeanor. His greatest passion lies in collaborating closely with clients, teachers, and even students to discover optimal solutions that enhance learning experiences through meaningful design. Josh is a dedicated team member who not only brings technical expertise but also a genuine commitment to improving educational spaces for the benefit of future generations.

Josh Law