Peter is a talented Registered Architect (QLD) who is conscientious in pursuing what is best for our clients. He is calm and methodical in the face of complex problems, and is personable and articulate, bringing people along for the journey.

Peter is a talented Registered Architect (QLD) whose dedication to pursuing the best for clients underpins his professional ethos. Since joining our team in 2018, he has become a central pillar of Novum: showcasing project management skills, an incredible eye for detail, and a proactive approach that positions him as an invaluable conduit connecting our team, clients, consultants, and contractors.


Calm and methodical in the face of complex problems, Peter’s personable and articulate nature allows him to bring people along for the journey. His commitment to our systems and processes has played a pivotal role in shaping our internal processes, client projects and delivering outstanding results. Meticulous attention to detail is Peter’s key strength, ensuring flawless execution at every step and the timely completion of large-scale projects. His organisational skills and ability to meet deadlines with ease reflect his natural talent for project management.


Peter’s collaborative nature and willingness to go above and beyond reinforce the can-do attitude in the studio. His clarity of vision, coupled with effective communication to consultants and contractors, has been instrumental in translating clients’ dreams into reality. Colleagues describe Peter as dedicated, observant, kind, and joyful. Known for his reliability, critical thinking, and clear communication, he is a trusted and respected member of the team.


As someone who dreamt of becoming an architect since childhood, Peter’s passion for the profession is evident in his every endeavor. Peter’s journey from drawing house plans as a young child to becoming an indispensable member of our architectural team showcases not only his professional achievements but also his genuine and enduring love for the craft.

Peter Edwards
Project Delivery Leader / Architect