Solomon is an Architectural Student with a keen eye for detail and a background in documentation, coordination, visualisations, and master planning. His conscientious nature means that he takes great care to ensure that every project is executed to the highest standard, and he brings the architectural concepts to life through visualisations that allow clients to fully envision the final result.

Passionate about people, Solomon finds fulfillment in producing visualisations that excite and engage clients, as well as contributing to concept designs that exceed client expectations. His role is a seamless integration of his love for designing, creating, and problem-solving, channeling his passion for people through the medium of architecture.


Two of Solomon’s proudest projects are the Trinity Anglican School’s Master plans, and Novum’s success in the Moreton Bay College’s design competitions. The team, with Solomon’s involvement, produced outstanding ideas and renders within a tight timeframe, ultimately securing projects for Novum.


Described as disciplined, perceptive, and adaptable, Solomon’s qualities contribute significantly to the success of Novum. His ability to navigate various aspects of architectural work showcases his versatility, and his dedication to exceeding client expectations highlights his commitment to delivering excellence in every project. Solomon’s love for design and people, combined with his technical skills, positions him as a valuable asset to the Novum team.

Solomon Coppard
Architectural Student