With a career spanning over three decades, primarily in leadership roles, Steve has spent the past 25 years driving business improvement, organisational and cultural change within various national and international businesses.

Starting out as Peter and Joel’s business coach, Steve took up a permanent position at Novum as an advisor, mentor and coach with a focus on fostering our culture and supporting the members of our team. Steve is genuinely passionate about developing people, both personally and professionally, and his caring nature underpins Novum’s positive and engaged workplace culture.


Steve possesses a Bachelor of Business and numerous coaching and training qualifications, and some of Steve’s roles have included National Customer Experience Leader for GE Capital and Head of Customer Service and Complaints for Toyota Finance Australia. Steve has been working in coaching and mentorship since 2010, with a vision of shaping a world where leadership transcends being merely a skill or knowledge, evolving into a tangible skillset, capability, and attitude manifested in leaders’ actions. This endeavor allowed Steve to concentrate his time and efforts on his greatest passion and proficiency—leadership development. Over the years, this focus has resulted in numerous ‘a-ha’ moments for both his clients and himself.


Steve’s journey has been guided by a genuine interest in and caring for people, aligning with core values of health, trust, and making a difference. To date, Steve has had the privilege of coaching and mentoring over 500 individuals and leaders across all organisational levels. Additionally, he has facilitated workshops for more than 2,100 participants.


What motivates Steve is the opportunity to assist others in experiencing those transformative moments—to help them not only see and understand but also feel the impact of effective leadership. Steve’s driving force lies in empowering individuals to influence their teams, managers, and those who matter most.


A dedicated focus and passion for developing businesses and organisations have made a tangible and acknowledged difference in their respective worlds, earning the recognition and gratitude of all Steve’s clients and business partners. At Novum, we are incredibly lucky to have him as part of our team, coaching and empowering our people!

Steve Riddle
Culture & Teamwork Leader / Board Advisor