Sue is an esteemed interior design lead with a passion for creating spaces that fosters human connection, to positively impact the world and its people. With a strong sense of community at the core of her work, Sue believes that thoughtful design can enhance lives and transform environments.

Renowned for her meticulous approach, Sue is distinguished by her keen eye for detail. Every project she undertakes is marked by a commitment to precision, ensuring that no element goes unnoticed. This attention to detail is not only about creating aesthetically pleasing interiors but also about crafting spaces that are functionally practical, aligning seamlessly with her belief in delivering designs that hold profound meaning and meet the unique needs of her clients.


Sue is driven by a passion for incorporating creative solutions into interiors that are both inspiring and practical. Working collaboratively within Novum’s dynamic architectural team, her high level of creativity blends seamlessly with a keen eye for analytical and technical aspects. The result is a consistent delivery of beautiful, functional designs that resonate with and delight our clients and their communities.


Approachable, authentic, and hard-working, Sue prioritises her clients’ needs over transient design trends. This commitment ensures that the spaces she designs stand the test of time, shaping learning environments for future generations during their formative years. Sue’s holistic and timeless approach to design sees her make a lasting impact on the spaces she transforms and the people who utilise them.

Sue Innes
Interior Design Leader